Friday, 15 April 2011

Happy Hopperz

I remember the excitement back in the 70's when Space Hoppers were all the rage.  We used to bounce around on the iconic big orange inflatables for hours.  Now the toy market has once again seen the introduction of a brand new product that is capturing the imagination of children.  The launch of the Happy Hopperz has taken the UK by storm.  The cute inflatable ride-on animals are the bounciest toys out there with ears or horns for gripping and four sturdy feet to steady the bounce.

Available in a whole menagerie of different animals, everyone will find one to fall in love with.  From the cutest cows, to playful puppies to the new Easter Bunny design, there is a Happy Hopperz for everyone.

We were delighted to be offered a Happy Hopperz to try out with Freddy.  He is a very physical toddler who loves active play, so I thought this would definitely be a toy that he would enjoy playing with.  It arrived deflated and was easy to inflate with a pump.

 Freddy was instantly taken with the friendly, pink cow that we received.  He patted him and petted him.

He quickly realised he could get on his back and bounce whilst holding on to his ears.  The material is durable, soft and flexible.

Not only is bouncing on a Happy Hopperz fun, but it also strengthens core muscles, increases balance control and develops co-ordination skills.  Freddy is getting himself a baby work out!

They are perfect for indoor and outdoor play and can be deflated and packed to take away on holiday for bouncing on the beach.  They are super portable, strong and lightweight.

Happy Hopperz are available nationwide for £21.99.

Here is Freddy and his Happy Hopperz pink cow in action!

You can see he loves bouncing on it and he loves the cute, fun, friendly character.  Happy Hopperz gets a big thumbs up from Freddy.  It is a great toy which helps his physical development and encourages active play and really captures his imagination.  They are made from EU approved phthalates free pvc and contain no heavy metal elements.  They are CE tested and approved.  So I am confident that is is safe for him too.   This is a great toy!

*By law they are recommended for children aged 36 months and over due to the presence of small parts (the valve stopper).  However I was confident for 21 month old Freddy to play with his Happy Hopperz with adult supervision.* 

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