Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Gallery...My Blog

This week Tara is asking for pictures that represent our blog.
The obvious choice for this would be my banner photograph of Freddy and I.  It was taken at the Good Food Show at the start of my blogging journey.  I'd won the tickets in a blog comp and was using the opportunity to make a video for my Graco Symbio Advocacy Competition showcasing the Symbio's Flip-Over handle in crowded places! 

It was the beginning of a fabulous roller coaster of a journey.  My blog quickly became something that gave me a connection to other like minded people.  It gave me validation that I was doing something beyond being a mum, without having to compromise the way I wanted to parent my children.  It gave me a sense of self and a forum for me to document my life.  To say I love my blog is not an understatement!

I'm sitting here in a hotel room now.  Tomorrow I'm off to London to attend a Graco Press Event as one of their Brand Ambassadors.  I'm accessing my blog through my wi-fi dongle.  This is me and my blog!

This picture is my entry to The Gallery! 


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