Saturday, 16 April 2011

Gardening Fun with Poundland

Poundland have an amazing selection of gardening products in store.  With everything priced at just £1 there is no excuse to not have a go at "growing your own"!  With everything from plants and bulbs to accessories and novelties you will be able to find whatever you need to make your garden grow!

Poundland sent us a selection of gardening goodies to try out.  I am not the most green fingered gardener but I have such fond memories of pottering around with my dad as a child, weeding, planting seeds and watering.  So I was glad to have some things to try out with my own kids...hopefully we will see some success!

I was really impressed with the seed selections.  Each pack contained six small packets of seeds.  They are perfect for someone like me who is just starting out on their gardening adventure, giving a great choice.  The instructions are clear and the photos of the front look very inviting, the promise of what's to come!!  I was particularly excited about the Herb Garden selection. Even I should be able to manage to grow herbs in a pot!

 I also received a super cute floral patterned trowel which Freddy used to shovel the compost.  It's the trendiest trowel I've ever seen!  It is made of metal and seems to be strong and sturdy.

Poundland also sell a range of fun novelty items to brighten up any garden.  We were sent a selection of garden ornaments including this cheerful gnome and funky Converse boot planter.  Sadly our toadstool ornament and our froggy welly planters fell victim to the Royal Mail and arrived in pieces :(  But they looked like they would have been cute additions to the garden that Freddy would have loved.

As ever, Poundland's range means that you don't have to spend a fortune to buy quality products.  If I do manage to grow any of the seeds we planted I could save a fortune on fresh herbs and vegetables.  We have planted carrots, spinach, onions, salad, mint, parsley, basil and chives in various tubs and pots.  My fingers are crossed that my foray into gardening is successful!  Next stop, self sufficiency!!



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