Friday, 8 April 2011

Flashback Friday...My Big Kids

My big kids Joe and Meg are coming home at Easter.This is even more special this year as it is my birthday on Easter Sunday.  It is great to have all five of my chicks back in the nest.  The best present I could have!

For today's Flashback Friday I'm looking back to a time when they were my little ones.  This photograph was taken in 1996 when Joe was 8 and Meg was 5.

They've always been close.  They used to play outside together on their bikes and sneak to the local sweet shop (I can't imagine letting Kizzy out without adult supervision I just more protective or have things changed?)

They are still close now.  They are very supportive of each other and their relationship fills me with pride!

I've enjoyed every stage of motherhood from the early days right through to them being adults.  Sharing their life journeys is a wonderful experience and I am honoured to be their mum.


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