Friday, 8 April 2011

Wrigley's Flood

The lovely PR Man Aaron from Publicasity has been busy sending samples of Wrigley's new chewing gum to Mummy Bloggers across the Blogosphere.  As a recipient of the said gum, I promised I'd post my thoughts about it here on my blog.

Wrigley's 5 Chewing Gum has just launched a brand new variety called Flood, which is a berry flavour gum.  It is a grown up brand, in a sexy, sleek box. It contains 12 pink foil wrapped sticks of gum in a "mouthwatering berry" flavour.

The sticks of gum are a good size and a nice consistency to chew.  I hate it when you chew gum and it turns into a tiny glob in your mouth...I always end up biting the inside of my cheek!  I've had many a chewing gum chomping related injury! So I was impressed with that aspect of it.  The flavour was quite powerful and lasted for a good 3 minutes.  It tasted quite a lot like cherry and was very fruity.

Personally I'm a minty girl.  I like my gum to be mint flavoured leaving my mouth minty fresh.  So although I appreciate the mouthwatering depth and lastability of the flavour...I'm more traditional in my preferences.

However, 15 year old Ella was very impressed with a fruity spin on her gum and liked Flood a lot.  So it's down to a matter of taste on the flavour.  We both agreed that the packaging was fabulous and very sophisticated and grown-up. 

Wrigley's 5 have got their branding spot on for this product, and it's good to have a variety of flavour options to suit every taste.

RRP £1.02  for a pack of 12 sticks from stockists.


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