Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mother's Day Reflections

When I was a little girl I won a competition in the local paper writing a Mother's Day poem  for my mum.  I won a £2 postal order.  Somewhere I've still got that faded, yellow paper clipping from 1977.  My Mum was very proud of me and I remember feeling so happy that she liked my poem.
Today, I still feel that childish sense of happiness when my Mum is proud of me.  When she comments on my blog and tells me that she likes what I am doing I feel that acceptance and validation that I sought as a small child.  

It is this knowledge that makes me so aware of the importance of letting my children know how incredibly proud of them I am.  It's not difficult for me to tell them how wonderful they are.  I feel honoured to be their mum.  On Mother's Day it is a time for me to reflect on my role and celebrate the fact that I am blessed with these five children who have made me who I am today.  They define me.

My two eldest children couldn't be with me in person, but both sent me messages that moved me to tears.  Even though they are grown-up, they are still as connected to me as they ever were.  My youngest three have been a source of delight.  From our early morning walk to the local Farmer's Market, where we bought delicious cupcakes from Cookes Cakes and wonderful vegetarian roasts (Staffordshire Cheese & Leek, and Carrot & Sweet Potato) for tonight's dinner, to being serenaded by Ella with a song she had written for's been a lovely day.  
Cookie Dough, Raspberry Ripple, Raspberry and Lemon and Chocolate Fudge...YUM!
I count my blessings everyday that my life has turned out how it has. I hope Mothers everywhere have felt as contented as I have today.  


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