Friday, 15 April 2011

Gro-Egg Digital Thermometers

We are all too aware of the importance of maintaining baby's room temperature at an optimum level in order to keep our precious little ones safe and comfortable.  The recommended temperature to create a safe sleeping environment for baby is between 16 and 20 degrees.  However it is very difficult to judge the temperature which makes the use of a thermometer essential, to make sure that baby does not overheat or get too cold overnight.

The Gro-Company have come up with a wonderful product to make this job absolutely fool proof, giving you peace of mind at a glance.  The Gro-Egg is an innovative digital thermometer that doubles up as a funky night light for your baby's nursery.

The Gro-Egg uses different coloured lights to let you know the temperature of the room.  A soft yellow glow lets you know that the room temperature is ideal. A blue light is a warning that the temperature is too low and a red light warns  you that the room temperature is too high.  This knowledge allows you to adjust clothing and bedding accordingly.

A back lit LCD readout gives the exact temperature on the Gro-Egg's display.  It also acts as a gentle night light, making finding your way around in the dark easier!

The beauty of the Gro-Egg is that you can tell whether the room is at a safe temperature in an instant.  At night  you can just pop your head around the nursery door and be comforted instantly by the reassuring yellow glow.  No need to disturb your sleeping baby.

With its funky, modern design, the Gro-Egg would look fabulous in any nursery.  It is the coolest must-have nursery gadget and will help keep your baby safe.  After having used the cardboard thermometers which are hard to read and easy to misinterpret, I would definitely feel safer and more confident with a Gro-Egg in my son's nursery!

RRP: £21.99

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