Saturday, 2 April 2011

Vanilla Bean Teething Bling

I can't begin to tell you how many times I have wrestled inappropriate items of jewellery from my son's hands and mouth.  He is fascinated by jewellery, and loves to explore things, but it obviously is not safe to let him chew on any old necklace or bracelet.

When I heard about "Teething Bling"  I was intrigued...jewellery that is "designed for babies, worn by mum".  It sounded like a fabulous idea!  Teething Bling was invented in Maryland by two stay at home mums. They created a range of jewellery that looks great but is safe for babies to play with.  The pendants and bangles are made from silicone and contain no harmful chemicals.  The pendants have a break away clasp for added safety. After rigorous testing in the US and Europe, their product was awarded the CE safety mark and went on sale in 2008. 

I was offered the chance to test out one of the Teething Bling Pendants with Freddy.  I was sent the beautiful Vanilla Bean Pendant which is delicately scented with a sweet vanilla fragrance.  It arrived beautifully packaged in a pink organza bag.  I immediately thought that it would make a wonderful, original and thoughtful gift for any new mum.

The pendant itself was lovely, a 2" donut shape on a silky black cord.  It looked like it was made of stone, not silicone. I was impressed with the design and it was definitely the sort of necklace I would wear.  I don't like fussy jewellery, this was stylish and classy.   It smelled delicious too!

Freddy is now a toddler and is cutting molars.  I wondered what he would make of this pendant.  He was instantly interested and loved handling it and chewing it.  He enjoyed biting down on it with his gums. I still breastfeed my son and sometimes get pinched and scratched by his exploring little hands as he feeds.  This necklace was a fantastic distraction.  He happily fiddled with it, turning it round in his fingers and exploring the shape and texture.  He really loves I'm typing this, Freddy is sat cuddled up with me on the sofa and he is delicately touching the pendant and poking his fingers through the hole!  I honestly wish I'd discovered Teething Bling when Freddy was cutting his first teeth.  He really suffered with his teething and I think this would have been a Godsend, providing something for him to chew on as I comforted him with a cuddle.  I love this product, and even at Freddy's age and stage, it is brilliant.

Smart Mum  has over 20 different colours of pendants and bangles available on the website, available individually or as mix and match gift sets.  They also sell giftcards so the lucky recipient can choose their own combination!

Priced at £12.95 for a pendant,  £8.95-9.95 for a bangle and £19.95 for a gift set, they are great value for money.  Mum can look stylish and baby is safe and happy!


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