Saturday, 9 April 2011

Listography...The Laminated List Top 5

Kate's theme this week is inspired by the brilliantly marvellous Friends. The idea being that we are allowed to pick five men that we would be allowed to sleep with without getting into trouble with our other half!  This is a great theme Kate, for which I thank you.  I'm always up for a bit of fantasy, and for as long as stay tee-total the guys in question are probably safe.

1:  Austin Winkler...lead singer of Hinder.  When he sings the words "the sex is so much better when you're mad at me", I have thoughts that a happily married woman should not be thinking.  He is my rockstar crush...just watch a little bit of the video and you will understand why.

2: Brad Kate pointed out, Mr Pitt has been somewhat emasculated by his missus in recent years.  But he is still definitely a D.I.L.F.  

3: Ashley Banjo...he could pull some of his killer moves and I'd be drooling like a kid in a sweet shop.  Also, the gorgeous Mr Banjo is just soooo nice.  Have you seen him with the kiddies on Got To makes my heart melt.  And he's so a 6' tall-ish woman, getting in a clinch with someone of his stature would make me feel petite!  
*Oh dear...I just googled him and his date of birth is just 4 days before my eldest son...that is so wrong!!!  I now feel like a dirty old woman...or a cougar!! Rawr*
4:  Bruce compensate for my inappropriate infatuation with younger men, I'm going for an older man.  Mr Die Hard himself.  I love his testosterone fuelled baldness and the twinkle in his eye.  He makes a white vest look good.  What else is there to say but Yip-ee-kiy-aye!!
5: Eric from True Blood is my final choice.  It's the whole sexy vampire thing that I first discovered with The Lost Boys in the 80' is just so hot!  He could sink his fangs into my jugular any time (and no that is not a euphemism!) 
I'm now off for a cold shower.  If you want to check out other people's lists pop over to Kate Takes 5 and take a peek.


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