Monday, 18 April 2011

My All Grow'd Up Cup

Freddy was sent a "My All Grow'd Up Cup" from Happy Holly Daisy Ltd.  I didn't know what to expect and assumed it would be just another child friendly beaker...but when it arrived it was very, very different to anything I'd ever seen before.  The cup was shaped like a cute elephant!

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The beaker comes with a holder which has suction pads on the back making it able to attach to shiny surfaces such as car windows or fridge doors.  It also makes a funny trumpetting sound when the cup is put into the holder which had Freddy grinning from ear to ear!  

The beauty of this cup is that it helps nurture a sense of independence in your toddler.  Having the beaker to hand in the car or at home allows the child to take their own drink, return it to the holder and know where it is when they need another sip!  It gives them a sense of responsibility for their own drink and they are rewarded by the trumpeting noise when they replace it.

The beaker had a screw on lid which was very secure, and a flip up spout.  The suction pads attached firmly to the window.  It is a very unique novelty beaker but it also allows your child to help themselves to drinks. This is especially good when you are in the car, reducing the need to turn around to give your toddler his beaker, which is obviously dangerous if you're the one driving!

It is easy for Freddy to use and he takes delight at making the elephant noise.  He seems very impressed by the face on the beaker and is sure to turn the cup when he drinks so he can look down at the elephant.  It is a clever and fun design!

The "My All Grow'd Up Cup" retails for £12.99 online and is available in pink, lime green, orange and blue.

It has won its first industry award for best feeding product in the Baby and Nursery Trade Awards.
Available to purchase online at Happy Holly Daisy Ltd and from Tesco Direct, Amazon, Letterbox, Halfords, Party Pieces and Parents Supermarket.


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