Monday, 11 April 2011

What's in your Fridge?

Carole from Carole Finds Her Wings has tagged me to share the contents of my fridge with the blogging world. Mmm, thank you...I think!  I wanted to spring clean my fridge and buy in lots of healthy goodies to show everyone what a good mummy I am!!  But then I thought, sod this is my fridge, in all it's glory! (Thank goodness I wasn't stashing any of the Devil's Beverage a.k.a. Fruit Shoot!  Imagine the uproar! lurking in my fridge is:

2 Morisson's Value Macaroni Cheese Ready Meals (Meg is home.)
Three Bean Chilli Soup
Glorious Asian Tomato and Rice Soup
Rachel's Organic Honey Yogurt
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Half a pot of seedless raspberry jam
Half a bag of salad
Punnet of Grapes
Packet of Waffles (Ella's choice of breakfast item!)
4 packs of 6 Free Range Eggs
Cheese...slices, Dairylea, Cheddar and Philly
Tube of Tofu Pate
Square Bread Wraps
Fromage Frais
Punnet of Plums
2 Bread Rolls
2 Activia Pouring Yoghourts (one sell-by April binned!)
Tub of Mash (Meg's)
Box of Mushrooms
Kingsmill 50/50 Half a Loaf of Bread
More C.B.I.N. Butter
Bottle of Cava (been there since May last year!)
A soft wrinkly in the compost bin
Fruit Drawer...plums, kiwis, apples
Veg Drawer...onions, carrots, beetroot, garlic
In The Door:
HP Sauce
Branston Pickle
Heinz Tomato Ketchup
Lemon Juice
Jar of Gherkins
Spicy Relish
Hellman's Mayonnaise
Aldi Tomato Sauce (Swap and Save!!)
Jar of Baby Beetroot
Half a Jar of Marmalade
Orange Squash
So Good Soya Milk
Bottle of Beer
Simply Hibi Hibiscus Juice

I'm not sure what this says about me??
Vegetarian, hungry, messy, condiment fiend,  fruit and veggie fan, mum with lots of kids to feed??
I feel bad about wasting the yogurt and the swede...but sometimes things get pushed to the back and forgotten :(  I don't want to poison my family now do I?

So in the name of research (or is that nosiness) I tag:


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