Tuesday, 12 April 2011

SES Creative Glass Bead Bracelets

We are so proud to be Craniacs!  This means that we are ambassadors for John Crane, testing a selection of  beautiful toys and writing reviews about them.  My 'Tiny Testers' Freddy and Kizzy are poised ready to help out with any toy testing that needs to be done.  This time it was Kizzy who had the opportunity to try out SES Creative Glass Bead Bracelet set.

The SES Creative Range includes hobby kits, craft sets and art materials.  Kizzy was lucky enough to be sent the Glass Bead Bracelet making set.  The pack contained everything needed to make some lovely personalised bracelets.

Kizzy really enjoyed making this and has enough bits left in the set to make a couple more bracelets.  She was able to do most of it independently, but linking the beads together was a little bit fiddly and she needed my help for that.  As with all craft kits, you need to be patient as the paint and glue takes time to dry between each stage, but Kizzy understood that and didn't rush her project.  The end result looks very effective and Kizzy was very proud to have made something that looked so nice.

This craft kit was definitely one of the better ones Kizzy has used in terms of achieving a good end result, and she had a lot of fun in the process!

Kizzy said "I love jewellery and make-up and girlie things so it was really nice to make my own design of bracelet.  I enjoyed doing it and like painting my own design but it was fiddly putting the beads together but Mummy helped me.  I am proud of my lovely bracelet!"

Available at Amazon for £ really is a great value for money craft kit. for any budding jewellery maker!


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