Monday, 18 April 2011

Pom Bears

We were sent some Pom-Bear "Teddy Shaped Potato Snacks" to try.  We received a multi-pack with two packs each of original, salt & vinegar and cheese & onion.
Fun Teddy Shapes
Multi-pack Flavours
Pom-Bears are made from a dough using potato powder which is then fried in quality sunflower oil.  The Pom-Bears are very lightly salted with 0.23 g of salt per 19g pack. (Daily Recommended Allowance is 4g for a child).  They are Vegetarian Society Approved and just 97 calories a pack.

As an occasional treat, Pom-Bears are fun and tasty savoury snacks.  The teddy shapes are cute!  Kizzy enjoyed trying them and really liked the crunchy texture.  They make a good alternative to regular crisps.

Check out  Pom-Bear World, the interactive website for children with games, downloads and also product information for parents!


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