Saturday, 30 April 2011

Outdoor Fun...Our Toyology Review

Geoffrey is once again on the look out for lucky families who will go on to become this year's Toyologists.  In order to be considered we have been asked to submit a review of a toy or game.  So along with my "Tiny Testers" a.k.a. Freddy 2, and Kizzy 8, we are testing out our brand new Pack Away Sand and Water Table which is perfect for Outdoor Fun.

The Pack Away Sand and Water Table consists of a brightly coloured, plastic, foldable table with areas for both sand and water play.  It includes a selection of ten toys which are perfect for moulding sand models, digging or for pouring water.
The self-assembly toy was really easy to put together. The four legs slotted into the base and it was ready to go!  Daddy was particularly impressed with the design.  The table is quite compact and a good size for toddlers like Freddy to use, however 8 year old big sister Kizzy was quite happy to play with him too.  There was plenty of room for both of them to splash and dig, but I don't think it would accommodate more than two little ones at a time.

 The table has a lid that fits on which means you can leave it out overnight with the accessories stored inside and keep it clean.  The plughole makes it easy to empty the water out. The table can be folded in half and clipped together for storage.

We were very impressed with this toy and it was great for outdoor play, where the mess doesn't matter.  If you were using it indoors I'd recommend a large splash mat underneath it!  There is a little water seepage through the central holes, which may cause a problem if kept indoors overnight.

Our only negative point is that the water wheel was too stiff to turn, but Freddy still enjoyed pouring water through it so it wasn't really a problem to him.

Here is Kizzy's video that she made about the Sand and Water Table.  She said "Even though I'm a little bit old, it was great fun playing with my little brother.  We pretended that we were making 'sludge pies' and it was really messy and fun!"

This is a video of Freddy and Kizzy playing with the Sand and Water Table in the shade of the gazebo.  By the end it gets very messy!!

The Play Table is available from Tesco both online and in store and is currently on sale for £20.  It is a good purchase as it contains everything your little ones need to play...just add sand (available for £2.87 a bag) and water!

This toy really is a great addition to the garden.  Freddy loves it and it will provide him with hours of outdoor fun this summer!  Big sister Kizzy also enjoys playing with him!  We give it a BIG THUMBS UP Inside the Wendy House!!


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