Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Burnham Beeches Nostalgia

I've returned to my homeland!  Well that is I'm back in the land of my youth aka "Down South".  I'm off to London tomorrow to attend the Graco Press Event as a brand ambassador.  En route we stopped off at a place where both my husband and I spent many an hour as children.

Burnham Beeches is a woodland just a few miles outside of Slough.  In spite of its proximity to the grey town of my birth, Burnham Beeches is a beautiful wooded oasis.  I played here as a child and loved clambouring over fallen trees, jumping over streams and finding the famous giant ants that live there!  It was lovely introducing Freddy and Kizzy to these delights.

It has changed a lot in the last 30 years.  There is now an eco friendly cafe and information centre which has made it more of a tourist attraction.  But we headed off the beaten track to the playground of our youth.

Eco Freindly Toilet Block!

Ian used to live just round the corner from Burnham Beeches and my family went every Sunday for a walk around the woods.  We wondered if our paths had ever crossed before we officially met aged 11 in secondary school!  He would have been the kid on the Chopper doing stunts.  I would have been the little girl slightly embarrassed by her parents, who used to take cut up oranges to bait the giant ants!  My mum used to wear open toed sandals and would scream as the ants crawled over her bare feet!

The Ants' Nest

It was lovely to see Kizzy and Freddy enjoying the woodland walk.  It was a lovely sunny day and it broke the journey up perfectly.  Kizzy was terrified of the giant ants and their big nests and was convinced that they were crawling up her trouser legs...but apart from that, it was a fabulous touch of nostalgia for both me and Ian.


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