Tuesday, 19 April 2011


E-Cloth is a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products that allow you to clean around the home using nothing more than water!  Research has shown that using an e-cloth with water removes over 99% of harmful bacteria.  This is excellent when you have small children in the house, keeping things hygienically clean without the need for harsh chemicals.

If you were to ditch the chemical cleaning products you could save over £100 every year!  Using an e-cloth is quicker, easier and more environmentally friendly.

When I was sent an e-cloth to try Inside the Wendy House I was a little sceptical.  We are so used to using chemical sprays, creams and liquids that the thought of using water alone to clean seems quite strange.  However, I was more than willing to give it a go, especially as I suffer with psoriasis on my hands which is made worse on exposure to cleaning products.

The General Purpose Cloth costs £4.99 from stockists including John Lewis, Lakeland, Homebase and Tesco.  It is suitable for cleaning all hard surfaces and can tackle thick grease.  It is a versatile all round cleaning cloth.

I've been using it instead of using chemical cleaners.  This video shows how I've got on.

As you can see I am really surprised at how well it did the job using only water. I've used it on a whole range of different surfaces and it is really effective.  It even removed the grease on my extractor fan.  Impressive!  It saves time and money,   is kinder on my family and the environment and gives great results, killing over 99% of bacteria.  They are machine washable.

For more details visit the website where you can also purchase from the range. (Free p&p when you spend over £10).

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