Tuesday, 5 April 2011

MAD Awards Open for Nominations

I started this blog in September 2010, with no real direction or idea of where it was going.  Over the months it has become my therapy, my diary, my way of sharing experiences and a forum for me to join in with other bloggers taking part in a myriad of fun memes and bloghops.

The direction of my blog has been altered by the opportunity to do reviews.  I know a lot of old school, purist bloggers, whom I respect greatly, frown upon the inclusion of reviewing.  However, I honestly believe that it provides a service, gives people like me a voice and brings a transparency to many brands that was up until recently, non-existent.  I do it with integrity, giving the same time. effort and attention to the product regardless of its price.  I hope I keep my reviews entertaining by employing the services of my team of Tiny Testers and making fun videos and taking original photographs.  I'd like to think I help people who read them weigh up the pros and cons of purchasing decisions, and give some money saving ideas along the way.

I hope my mix of personal anecdotes, ramblings, confessions, parenting ideas and reviews makes my blog relevant and enjoyable to read.  I love has become an outlet for me, a way to connect and something to keep me off the streets (so to speak) during my time as a Stay at Home Mum.  I have found confidence, personal growth and unexpected friendships.  I've learned to edit films, dabble in HTML and have even started vlogging.  It's been a wondrous journey that has quite literally changed my life.

The MAD Awards have now opened for nominations.  I would never presume to think that anyone would nominate me.  There are blogs out there that are far more worthy than mine.  Inspirational women, hilariously funny folk, people with stories to share that have made we weep.  I am in awe of the written words I read on a daily basis, I frequently laugh out loud and have cried absolute buckets at stories that have stayed with me.  That is the beauty of the blogging world...I am proud and honoured to be a part of this community.

To be honest, I never really thought anyone would ever read my blog and so have been delighted, excited and humbled by feedback.  I'm now nearing 30,000 page views which blows me away.  If anyone wanted to nominate me in one of the categories I would be thrilled.  But I know I am a little fish in a big pond full of greatness and will be happy to just play my part in this wonderful celebration of blogging.

Be sure to use your votes.  Show your support and nominate those blogs that have brightened your day, touched your soul or helped you feel less alone in the world.  Use the badge displayed in my sidebar to direct you to the website.  Join in and celebrate our beautiful, diverse, eclectic blogosphere!


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