Sunday, 24 April 2011

My Easter Photo Challenge

Every year we challenge our children to win their Easter Eggs by taking part in a series of physical and mental challenges.  This year with 3 twenty somethings, 2 teenagers and an 8 year old, we set them a Virtual Photo Treasure Hunt.  Splitting into two teams and armed with a camera, they had to take photos based on 20 prompts.
Meg, Kizzy and Joe's girlfriend Jade.
My nephew Tom, Joe and Ella.
The kids rose to the challenge brilliantly and completed the 20 photos with great imagination, ingenuity and with differing interpretations. Here is a selection of their photos.

They earned their Easter Eggs and enjoyed them all the more for working so hard to get them! I love the way the kids work together in teams with a bit of healthy competition thrown in for good measure.

Today was a wonderful day, not only was it our Easter celebration it was also my birthday.  Having all my children home along with my nephew Tom, made it a really special weekend. 

My lovely husband continued to honour my love of horror with a hand made Zombie card and the latest Wes Craven Blu Ray.  He also gave me a huge Easter lucky am I!


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