Thursday, 28 April 2011

Labyrinthitis is not fun :(

I've had a 48 hour internet hiatus!  The culprit behind my inability to do anything is the hideousness that is Labyrinthitis.  This is my second attack and it is horrendous :(

I was sat happily typing away catching up with everything I'd put off over my exhausting, but fabulous birthday/Easter weekend when suddenly the world began to spin violently.  Had I not been tee-total, I'd have thought I'd been hitting the sauce big style.  It was like a combination of being paralytic and seasick.  I stupidly stood up and ended up face down on the laminate.  I literally crawled to the downstairs loo where I was horrendously sick.  It was a miracle that I actually managed to throw up in the toilet, it was spinning around and was a moving target in my addled brain.  Puking offered no relief, so I crawled back and collapsed on the living room floor.

I have never felt so helpless.  Poor Freddy was grabbing my hand and saying "Come on Mummy" but I couldn't even lift my head or open my eyes.  His response to having his Mummy lying on the floor was to put toys on my head and poke me!  Bless him.  He also took the opportunity to decorate my living room wall with green crayon...the little opportunist that he is!

I managed to speed dial Ian and made some unintelligible noises down the phone that alerted him enough to know he had to get himself back from work in record time. When he got home an hour later I was still face down on the laminate with Freddy sitting next to me...he'd gone into protective mode after realising that the poking wasn't working.  I was freezing cold, sweaty and a pathetic heap of uselessness that poor Ian had to drag up onto the sofa.  I stayed there, eyes shut, world spinning for the rest of the day.

The really horrible symptoms lasted for a second day.  Today I'm up and on the laptop but I have to keep stopping.  Concentrating is hard and makes my head swim.  I keep dropping things and misjudging things because the world doesn't look quite right.  I keep having to put my head down and recalibrate the world around me!  This post has taken me over 2 hours to write because the keyboard won't stay still!!!

Last time I had this I was signed off work for a week.  I hope it goes away again soon...thank you to the Royal Family for giving us a Bank Holiday tomorrow!  I need my husband home to look after Freddy.  Poor little man is still in his pyjamas because I couldn't co-ordinate getting him dressed this morning.  He's not complaining though bless his little heart. At least he's not having to sit on guard over my collapsed body anymore.

I hope I stop looking like a drunkard staggering around soon and I can once again co-ordinate putting toothpaste on my toothbrush!  We take so many things for granted...I'll be so grateful for the world when it stops spinning!



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