Friday, 1 April 2011

Seriously Good Sauces

comic relief

Seriously Good Cooking Sauces are now available in two different ranges, Italian and Indian. I was offered the chance to try one variety of each range to test Inside the Wendy House. 

The Italian Bolognese and Red Wine sauce is a rich, authentic tomato sauce flavoured with 12 year old balsamic vinegar, red wine , thyme and sundried tomatoes. 

The Indian Butter Chicken Sauce is a rich, mild butter sauce finished with spices, lemon and cream.  Tumeric, garam masala, coriander, clove, paprika and cumin provide authentic depth.

Gordon Ramsay has lent his expertise to this range and his face is on the jar labels!  At least 10p from every jar goes to Comic Relief to help people living the toughest of lives in the UK and overseas.  However...Gordon doesn't get a single penny!!

The sauces are made with top quality ingredients and can be simply heated up, served and enjoyed!  Just add your favourite ingredients to make a mouthwatering meal in minutes.  

We were sent a jar of each of the two flavours mentioned above.  The package design was fun and the lids clearly displayed their link to Comic Relief.  It's such an easy way of giving to charity just by buying a brand that supports a good cause.

As vegetarians, we used Quorn as our added ingredient to make our meals.  We made a Quorn Mince Bolognese with sundried tomato pasta.  The sauce was very intensely flavoured and smelled very authentic.  It was so easy to just heat through and serve and the finished result was delicious.  We made Butter Quorn Fillet (rather than Butter Chicken!) with basmati rice.  The sauce itself was suitable for veggies so we were able to enjoy this Korma style dish.  It was creamy and mildly spiced.  Perfect for my children's palettes. We all enjoyed both meals.  They tasted like "real" food which is important to me when using convenience products. 

comic relief

The ingredients list had nothing artificial in it and it was reassuring to know that Gordon Ramsay is the man behind the brand!  In fact Ramsay was the one who cooked up the idea of Seriously Good sauces following a trip to Tanzania in 2002 for Comic Relief.  He decided to use his profile to help raise money for Comic Relief all year round and Seriously Good cooking sauces were born. So if you want a delicious, convenient cooking sauce that helps support the fantastic work done by Comic Relief...this is Seriously Good!!


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