Thursday, 7 April 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

1: My daughter is coming home for Easter.  We'll be picking her up on Sunday from uni and bringing her back to the fold.  I love it when my chicks come back to the nest. When Meg is home she has certain demands that have to be met in order to maximize her joy:  
  • We need to make her mashes in various forms...sweet potato, potato, swede and carrot, cheesy mash...Megan has a real thing for mashed carbs, especially when accompanied by a home made mushroom pie.  
  • We have to have a constant stream of chick flicks at the ready for her and Ella to watch. Megan's favourite has to be The Notebook.  She loves Noah Calhoun :)
  • Sky+ has to be set up to record numerous episodes of American series such as The City, The Hills, 90210 etc.  The planner drops down to about 3% of space  because of her TV lust.

The Notebook...Meg's relationship philosophy!
2:  The kids break up for Easter which is simply wonderful.  Two weeks without school runs!  Two weeks with the company of my girls!  Two weeks of lie-ins!  Two weeks of having help to entertain Freddy!  Love it.  The only pity is that Ian still has to go to work!  It's both mine and Ella's birthdays over the Easter weekend and my big son Joe is coming to stay.  So I will be back to completeness with all five of my children with me!

3:  I am over the moon to see my blog jump to #52 this month in the Tots 100.  I am going to enjoy my moment of success because I know it may not last.  I am not competitive, but I love the feeling that something I am doing is being well received.  I try hard and I'm committed, so I am delighted to receive some validation. I know a lot of people are unhappy with this month's rankings which has taken the shine off it a little.  But I am still delighted.


  1. You are fully entitled to be delighted you have worked hard for it xx I have to wait another week til my kids are off - love those no time limit days x

  2. #52! Wow go you - I'm at all of #504!!!

    Yay for Easter and family times too :)

  3. Go Wendy! You have done a fab job with your blog in a short time. Being lovely and working hard plays off! You'll be knocking me off my spot soon! I'm watching my back...

    Have an amazing Easter, Meg sounds like I would get on with her, her demands all sound fab!

    Mich x

  4. Woooooo. (: I canna wait for Megsy to come home. And our birthdays are gonna be wickeeedd. (: Hehe. I read the last one as "I'm going to the moon" and got SO confused...probably should wear my glasses when reading...o.O <3

  5. Well done about your blog. I used to love school holidays , too, but then I was a teacher!!! Seriously, though, I did enjoy being with my own children during the holidays.

  6. These are lovely celebrations, congrats on jumping high with the Tots index and have lots of fun with your beautiful daughter. I Love mashes of all sorts too :)

  7. lovely things, and well done you deserve it. An beautiful blog.

  8. Have a great time with your daughter and make the most of your time together. Congratulations on your Tots index placing... well deserved!

  9. I know that you are at your happiest when your family are all together - enjoy it because the little ones grow up so quickly. Its great that Megan and Joey will be with their lovely Mum as wel - that has to be the icing on the cake.

  10. Five children! Well done you and the love shines through your post. So lovely to read. I too am looking forward to time without school runs with a bit of a lie in and a bit of rule breaking too.
    My reasons are at

  11. The lack of routine at Easter is one of my reasons too!

  12. The lack of routine at Easter is one of my reasons too!

  13. lovely things, and well done you deserve it. An beautiful blog.



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