Sunday, 20 February 2011

My Sister's Wedding

Today is my big sister's first wedding anniversary.  I am so pleased that she is in a marriage where she can be really happy at last. She deserves to have the loveliest life.  Today is a day for reminiscing about her beautiful wedding.  It was a brilliant day with good food, great company, an amazing wedding cake, a beautiful venue and a lot of love.  This post though (my gift to QWERTY Mum) is a reminder of the not-so-great Karaoke performances that we suffered on that night!  We had such fun and a lot of laughs.  We'll be re-enacting some of these moments at the Anniversary Party to be held next week.  Watch out world...I'll be reprising my Fame performance!  Enjoy!


  1. Wahahahaha. That's great. It was an amazing day. I love you all. :') <3

  2. is blogdom really ready for this?

  3. Lol - got to love Karaoke! Brilliant vids, I was singing along!

  4. After feeling so emotional about my Mum's "story" I had a happy feeling watching
    the videos and reading your blog - it was
    brilliant - well done xxx

  5. The vids are fab. I wonder if the world is ready for Tom and his karaoke performance of "Don't stop believing"?



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