Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween...However You Celebrate!

I can't believe how quickly October has flown by.  It seems the children only just started back at school and already we're celebrating Halloween!  It'll be Christmas in a blink of an eye!  Already the shops are playing Christmas tunes...seriously the Disney Store was in full Chrimbo mode on Saturday...they seem to be bypassing Autumn altogether and going straight for the Winter celebrations.  It all goes too fast! 

That is one of the reasons why I like to punctuate the year with celebrations.  It's a chance to pause for thought and have some family fun.  It allows reflection and gives a chance to take stock and regroup before marching onto the next event on the calendar!

Halloween is one of my favourite celebrations.  Not only is it a day that pays homage to one of my favourite things...that is Horror, it is also the Pagan Sabbat celebration of Samhain.  This is a time to remember and honour our ancestors and lost loved ones, when the veil between the living and dead is at its thinnest.  I'll be lighting a candle in my window for those who I have lost.

While the kids are at school, I've decorated the house with ghoulish decorations.  I have a Green Lentil Bake cooking which will be served with baked eggs and lovingly renamed as Eyeballs in Sludge!  We'll be baking some scary goodies using my Aldi Halloween bakeware.

Yesterday the girls designed and carved their pumpkins.  I let them loose to do what they wanted.  I totally loved their finished result...a warning about the dangers of alcohol.  The before/after pumpkin display tells a moral tale of excess!  I love the puking pumpkin after having too much to drink at the Halloween party.  My girls do make me laugh!

We love an excuse to dress up in our Halloween Outfits.  I always buy Halloween stuff in the sales and have a glut of fab things which the kids (and Ian) enjoy dressing up in.

However you choose to enjoy October 31st, I hope you have fun!  We certainly do :)


  1. Awwww, Halloween looks like fun in your house!

    I have a little witch asleep on my sofa at the moment. I think her Halloween party at play school this morning has knackered her out.

    I'm going to have to hide the pictures of her in her witch outfit MIL is so so SO against Halloween it's untrue. She wasn't happy when Freya told her she was dressing as a witch today. Apparently my MIL thinks it's worshipping Satan and the occult FFS! It's just a bit of fun...I used to dress as a witch when I was younger and I turned out alright...well almost ;)

    Happy Halloween to you and your lovely family Wendy xxx

  2. Aw bless your little witch! I don't understand how people think Halloween will turn you into a Satanist!!! The kids love dressing up and it's an excuse to have some fun. You enjoy it...without your MIL finding out of course!!! Hope you are feeling positively blooming Heather :) (I never had one day where I felt good during all five pregnancies!) Take care xxx

  3. Happy Halloween - we share your passion x

  4. The pics of the children look great and it sounds as though you would have had a great Halloween celebration. What a good idea to purchase fancy dress outfits when they are in the sales. I loved the pumpkin display, your girls are most imaginative (they take after their Mum).

  5. Love the pictures, so cute. Halloween is the best x



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