Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tonight's the Night! Preparing for My Date

The time has come for me to put on my glad rags and step outside of my comfort zone - namely my sofa, PJs, slanket, TV and a glass of red - to embark on a romance rekindling date with my husband tonight.  We enjoy getting takeaways, but very rarely eat out together.  Candlelit dinners for two play second fiddle to dinner in front of the TV for five.

That was until Tots 100 and Head and Shoulders very kindly offered me the chance to go on a date with my husband!  I've received a lovely pamper hamper full of girly goodies and I've had a transatlantic phone call with a love guru to give me some advice on how to keep the fires burning! The budget has been taken care of, now all that is left to do is the date night itself!

So tonight, Ian and I are going to be terribly grown-up and enjoy a intimate date consisting of romantic dinner followed by drinks. Babysitters and a taxi are extravagances that have been taken care of, making it easier to slip into our dating personas without worrying about kids or driving.  Conversation is being strictly monitored so it doesn't slip into our go-to chats about work or wondering about what the kids are doing while we're away.

Instead of my usual jeans and boots, there will be high heels and pretty clothes.  And make-up!!  With Head and Shoulders apple scented hair being flicked seductively, I will set out to woo my man all over again!

With Matthew Hussey's relationship advice under my belt, I'll be ready with an unexpected compliment and a kiss filled with promise.  Ian won't know what hit him!

So, wish me luck!  I'll let you know how we get on.

There will be absolutely NO Tweeting or Facebook status updates during the date...but we might take the odd selfie!  That's allowed right??

This was us many years ago enjoying a smoochy moment...I am ready to harness my inner 20-something-year-old and get my smooch on again.  Twenty years and five kids together doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy the odd sneaky date night, some mildly inappropriate PDAs and a self-indulgent few hours of quality us-time now and again!

wedding, first dance

For some top dating tips take a look at this Good Read from Tots 100.


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