Saturday, 9 November 2013

Happy 81st Birthday Daddy

My dad was born on November 9th 1932, making today his 81st birthday.  He has been married to my mum for almost sixty years and their relationship is still so full of love that it is an inspiration to me in my own marriage.  My dad is a sensitive soul who feels deeply and keeps memories alive in his heart and in his mind. He is so utterly loved and cherished by me and the kids. We are honoured to have him in our lives.

soldier, Coldstream Guards

As a child I saw my dad as the biggest, strongest, tallest man in the world.  He was a larger than life character, and although my childhood wasn't always easy I always sought my dad's affection and was a real daddy's girl.  

Daddy's Girl

Me and My Dad

Nowadays, my relationship with my dad is the best it's ever been.  I love his fortnightly visits where I get to take care of him and spoil him.  He suffers with terrible arthritis in his legs, which he blames on years playing football and marching on parade in the Coldstream Guards.  I do what I can to help, even if that means just being able to put a blanket over his knees or order him arthritis remedies over the internet!  It's the very least I can do for the man who has loved me for the past 44 and a half years.

Grandad with the Girls

My girls love my dad so much.  They love fussing over him.  Their loving and caring natures make me so proud of them.  I'm so glad they have got such a close relationship with their grandparents.

stanley, great grandad

My son named his first child after his great grandad, giving him Stanley as his middle name.  As I gave Joe my dad's name too, it has become a nice tradition in our family - singlehandedly bringing back the name Stanley! 

Grandad and his Grandson

Freddy is not the easiest child.  He takes a while to get close to people and is far more comfortable with females, but my dad is unperturbed.  He continues to build a relationship with his grandson.  It is heartwarming to see them doing something together and it always makes my dad so happy when he has a breakthrough with Fred. As Freddy gets older, he is much more receptive to my dad's jokey nature!  Last week Freddy made my Dad a flag and let him take it home with him.  My Dad treasures it!

So Dad...have a wonderful birthday today and remember just how loved and cherished you are by us all - Ian, the grandkids and me!  Thank you for being so wonderful :)


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