Thursday, 21 November 2013

Count Down the Days with a Playmobil Pirates Treasure Trove Advent Calendar

Playmobil Advent Calendars are one of the greatest inventions ever!  In the 24 days until Christmas day, children can build a play scene, adding a new character or accessories everyday, which they find behind the doors on the advent calendar in pre-filled boxes. It comes all ready to go for the first day of December, no assembly or filling of the calendar is required.

Playmobil, Christmas

Freddy has received a Playmobil Pirates Treasure Trove Advent Calendar.  It includes 66 pieces which includes three figures, a skeleton, a boat, palm tree, flag, hammock, treasure chest and other exciting piratey bits!  There is stand up cardboard scenery included, so the display looks brilliant from day one.  I couldn't love it more, and I'm certain Freddy will feel the same way.  Waiting for Santa will be such fun, as he reveals some new Playmobil goodies everyday in the run up to Christmas.


What I love most about the Playmobil Advent Calendar is that after all the doors are opened, the child has a brilliant Playmobil set to enjoy.  At just £17.99 it is excellent value for money providing 24 days of advent fun followed by a brilliant toy to play with for years to come.  You have something great to show for your investment at the end of advent.


The Playmobil advent calendars come in a variety of themes from the fully fledged festive Forest Winter Wonderland to the pretty in pink Princess Wedding to the super cool Police advent calendar to the rural Pony Farm.  They are all superb, with a design to suit all tastes.  The play value of Playmobil is massive, giving children an outlet for imaginary play where they can create and explore an environment of their own making and act out stories with the characters.

They are a perfect alternative to chocolate advent calendars for children who can't eat chocolate and a good choice for parents who prefer their kids to not start the day with sweet treats!

They are available from the Playmobil store online and in stores such as Boots, Smyths Toys, Tesco, John Lewis and House of Fraser.

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