Sunday, 10 November 2013

My Daughter Megan is 22 Today

Today my daughter is 22 years old.  Megan entered the world on November the tenth, 1991.  My pregnancy was not a happy one nor a healthy one.  But the outcome was perfect.  I had my baby girl, a sister to her big brother Joseph.  It was the three of us against the world.  My children gave me the strength and the motivation I needed to build a good life.

baby girl

My little girl has grown up into a beautiful woman.  Someone who I am proud to call my daughter and am honoured to have in my life.  She is clever, funny, driven, confident, hard working, beautiful and strong.  For medical reasons, Megan is now a committed vegan and dedicated gym user.  She does not see this change in her lifestyle as a restriction, instead it has given her wings.  She is an inspiration to me.

Megan has made a great life for herself in Manchester, after graduating with a Business degree a year early, embracing city life and everything  it represents.  I am really in awe of how well she has done for herself. She has amazing plans for her future which I am very excited to see come to fruition.  Megan creates her own success and has the determination to get what she wants in life.  I never had this drive and I have to admit that I am enjoying it vicariously, as I watch my daughter grab life with both hands.


She makes me and her dad so proud. She is a fantastic sibling to her two brothers and two sisters.  She is a caring grand-daughter to her grandparents.  She is my friend and she's pretty, bloody awesome!

Mum and daughetr

I love you Megan.
Happy Birthday xxx



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