Friday, 1 November 2013

Making a Seawig!

Sarah McIntyre is a writer and illustrator and a larger than life character who is simply oozing with creativity and talent.  I was lucky enough to see her talk at Blog Summit and I thought she was amazing.  A true inspiration who made even me feel that exploring my artistic talents was not an impossible venture!  

So when Tots 100 announced details of a competition inviting entrants to make their very own Seawig with their kids, I was delighted to challenge my children, Ella 17, Kizzy 11 and 4 year old Freddy, to get creative. Ian cut a Seawig shape out of some heavy duty cardboard, then we set the kids off, armed with plasticine, paints, seashells, pipe cleaners, pompoms, paper, pencils, googly eyes and other arts and crafts bits and bobs, to decorate the Seawig.  

Sarah McIntyre

I love watching the three of them working together as a team, having fun and working to make a creative project. I absolutely love Kizzy's "The World is our Oyster!" speech bubble.  A fantastic sentiment filled with positivity from my 11 year old.  The plasticine sea monkey, based on one of Sarah's characters is another favourite addition.  The starfish family with their quirky expressions made me smile too.  Freddy was in charge of sticking on googly eyes!

The big seashells they used were from a collection of shells they found on the beach in Normandy where we went on holiday last summer. It was so nice to see them used in their Seawig.  It brought back memories of a wonderful week away!


The end result was a magnificent Seawig which features shells, a sea monkey, crabs, starfish, seaweed, multi-coloured seagull feathers, pompoms and curls.  Everyone was very keen to model it!

Seawig, Sarah McIntyre

This is my favourite photograph of the Seawig project, 4 year old Freddy proudly donning the Seawig and showing exactly how much fun it was for him to spend an afternoon doing a wonderfully, creative art activity with his big sisters.

Sarah McIntyre

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