Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Miniland Educational Toys Review

Freddy and Kizzy were very happy to receive some Miniland Educational toys to try out from DKL.  Freddy received a Pair Game and Kizzy got a Crystal making set in a tin.

Miniland Pair Game

Miniland Educational is a range of high quality toys including first constructions, sand and water toys, large vehicles, aptitude games, science kits in tins and anatomically correct dolls. Brand new to the UK retail market, Miniland offers added value with educational booklets and activity cards, as well as fun toys that children will enjoy playing with.

Crystal Set

The Crystal set contains goggles, tweezers, magnifying glass, crystal solution, tub and a booklet.  Budding scientists aged 10 and over can make the chemical solution and grow their own crystals.  The sets come in a variety of colours so you can create crystals in green, red, yellow or blue.  Kizzy is really interested in science and this set is a great introduction to the scientific process of crystalization.  It would make a lovely stocking filler to inspire young scientists.

The Pair Game consists of a plastic board with a lift up top containing 16 apertures, each with it's own pull out lid.  There are 24 different worksheets that can be placed into the board, each one with 16 images corresponding with the holes in the top.  Children have to lift up the lids to find pairs ... either matching or corresponding images.

Miniland Pair Game from DKL

The selection of worksheets is quite inspired featuring images from the human body, animals, upper and lower case letters, numbers, counting, Chinese letters, artwork, optical illusions and facial expressions. Children will enjoy matching up the images and working out which pairs go together.  The images acted as prompts for conversations as children get to really think outside of the box to solve the puzzles.

It  develops memory, turn taking, observation skills, language, counting, letter recognition and hand eye co-ordination.  I was very impressed with the range of images and the simple but effective design which takes the game of pairs to a whole new level.

It's a great educational toy for children aged 3 and 6 and can be played on their own or against a friend.

Both these toys plus other Miniland Educational products and quality, educational toys from other brands can be found at


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