Friday, 15 November 2013

Comfort for Christmas

Just because it's Christmas, it doesn't mean that household chores stop.  However, with the new limited edition bottle of festive Comfort Exhilarations Fabric Conditioner, with its Vanilla and Gold Iris scent, laundry will be less of a chore this year.  With its lovely golden packaging, festooned with Christmas imagery, Comfort is bringing real comfort and joy to the washing pile this year.  Clothing will be fresh and clean and full of festive fragrance throughout the Christmas holidays.

Fragrances are so important to Christmas.  The scent of mulled wine, roasting chesnuts, Christmas spices and scented candles evoke memories of yuletide traditions.  Now we can enjoy the vanilla and gold iris scent  too, as we wear our freshly laundered Christmas jumpers, as this limited edition Comfort has 100% more fragrance per drop. 

I must admit that I love to sniff my laundry when it comes out of the machine and I like the Vanilla and Gold Iris's sweet scented fragrance with its floral twist.  It's quite uplifting! 

At just £3.50 for a bottle, this is a touch of luxury that is very affordable this Christmas.

Available in store now!


We received a bottle of Comfort for this review along with some lovely vanilla scented candles to get us in the festive mood. 


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