Saturday, 2 November 2013

What Fred Said this Half Term

What a busy half term we have had.  Kizzy's Halloween party, then two days at Paradise Zoo followed by two days at Alton Towers Scarefest! Never a dull moment.

As ever, Freddy has continued to entertain us throughout the week with his funny expressions and his interesting take on life.

At the zoo, they have a marmalized blue bowling ball that had been used as a chew toy by a 2 week old tiger to demonstrate how strong their jaws are and what damage even a tiger cub could inflict on a human skull which is much more fragile than the bowling ball. Freddy looked puzzled and asked:
"So if a tiger eats you, your head turns into a blue ball?"

Paradise Zoo

In the reptile house, Freddy saw two huge anacondas entwined together in a tank.  He shouted out loudly and increduously:
"Look Mum, it's a two headed snake!!" (Better than shouting about a five legged elephant though!!)

He also was very intrigued by a skunk.  We explained about how they make smells to scare off other animals.  He said:
"So they fart in their enemies' faces?!" He thought about it for a few seconds before saying enthusiastically,  "I so want to see that!"

He really loved seeing all the animals at the zoo and learnt a lot about them.  I was pleased to hear him tell his dad all about geckos and how they lose their tail and grow back a new one.  It really captured his imagination and he is so receptive to new information, absorbing all the facts like a little sponge.


Freddy got caught short in the car and needed an urgent wee.  With no facilities around, we stopped in a lay-by for him to do a quick tinkle behind a tree.  It was his first ever outdoor wee and he thought it was very funny when his wee went on a pile of acorns on the ground.  He said:
"I poured some wee wee sauce on the acorns for the squirrels to eat!"  Ewww!

There has been some interesting and imaginative games this week.  For one, Freddy dressed up with a pink wig brandishing a glow in the dark sword and announced:
"I lived in World of Warcraft last week, but this week I live on a boat because I'm a pirate. I have a boyfriend called Ben Amella who is 45, a girlfriend Izzy who is 10 and has a gigantic sword and I am 6 but pretending I am 11!" Kids are just so random sometimes!  This game went on for ages and the running commentary kept us all chuckling!

But my favourite thing that Freddy did this week was his impromptu Halloween dance routine that he performed in the foyer at Alton Towers Hotel wearing his mummy onesie.  A mash-up of his own song called "Shaking at the Fox" that he made up on the spot and Ghostbusters. The projected Scarefest logo made the perfect spotlight for my all-singing, all-dancing boy.  Perfect Freddy! No inhibitions - just pure fun!


Alton Towers, Scarefest


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