Thursday, 21 November 2013

LEGO Memories

LEGO has been a part of our family life ever since my son Joe was born in 1988.  No sooner was he born, I started his first Duplo collection.  The collection grew as I added trains, aeroplanes, trucks and farms.  I was always so excited when something new was brought out.

Over the years my collection of children increased alongside the LEGO collection.  As Joe moved on to LEGO Ninjas and castles, his little sisters became custodians of the Duplo collection.  Some girly Duplo was included as houses, mummies and prams and pink bricks joined the toybox.

Season tickets to Legoland Windsor allowed the kids to indulge their LEGO love further as we spent many a day at the park enjoying the rides and the attractions.

Lego land Lion

After Freddy was born, some 21 years after his eldest brother, the LEGO Duplo collection enjoyed its fifth owner.  As the Disney LEGO Duplo appeared in the shops I excitedly bought the entire Toy Story and Cars ranges.  This year I've got the Planes Duplo for under the Christmas tree! Kizzy is a fan of the LEGO Friends collection which is lovely. LEGO never fails to delight me as I buy it for my children.

The LEGO video games are massive hits in our house and the kids love playing as LEGO superheroes, Harry Potter or Indiana Jones!

This year my grandson Ted will be a year old and ready for his Nana to buy him his first Duplo.  A new generation of the McDonald family will be discovering the delights of the bricks that build adventures, for years and years to come.

Now we have the first LEGO movie coming to the cinema next year...another way to enjoy the famous LEGO brand.  I am excited?  You bet I am!!



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