Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle Play Set Review

Tree Fu Tom

The Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle Playset is a great toy for little fans of CBeebies' Tree Fu Tom.  The Treetop Adventure Castle is an interactive playset with plenty of features that will keep children happily entertained, playing imaginative games featuring their favourite Tree Fu Tom characters.

The play set needs some minimal adult assembly which I managed without too much trouble (OK I put one bit on upside down, but Ian fixed it for me!)  The set includes one Tree Fu Tom figure and a leaf board so you can play straight away (well done Flair!) Plus the  light up seeking crystal comes with batteries included (well done again to Flair!) Two things that make a huge difference to me as a parent when buying toys for my children.

Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle Playset

The castle comes with lots of play features:

Removable light up seeking crystal - use the switch to light up the crystal to find hidden sap splats (or ladybird poo as Freddy calls them!) or turn the crystal on by standing Tom on the button while the crystal is in position.
Secret trapdoor - turn the page of the spell book to open the trap door and drop Tom through the floor.
Wind-up Super Lifto lift - Wind up the lift to raise Tom and his leafboard to the upper floor of the castle.
Flying Tree Fu fun - Tom's feet push into the flyer and he spins round as you twist the top of the castle.
Leaf board ramp - Tom can whoosh down the ramp on his leaf board!

Freddy was very excited about playing with his new toy.  As he already had a few other Tree Fu Tom characters he was able to set up an elaborate game featuring Ariela, Squirmtum and Zigzoo.  He loved using the trapdoor, causing the 'baddies' to fall through the hole.  The crystal proved to be a lot of fun too as Freddy used it to find the splats.  The lift was easy for him to use and he had it going up and down to carry characters around the castle. Freddy had many exciting woodland adventures, practicing big world magic and battling the Mushas!


The castle feels sturdy and robust and fits together well.  The features all add to the play value and there is plenty of room for children to position their characters, move them around and enjoy a great Treetopolis based game. The toy will fuel their imaginations, while the features add a touch of magic!

The toy is recommended for children aged 3 and up and has an RRP of £29.99.  Find out more on the Flair website:


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