Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Center Parcs November Challenge - An Autumn Poem

This month, Center Parcs is challenging bloggers and their families to come up with a poem inspired by Autumn.  Autumn has always been my favourite season as it takes us from the glorious summer sunshine to the cold winter's snow, heralding great changes from day to day. You can really see nature at work and marvel at all its wonders.  

Emma Tapp is Center Parcs Whinfell Forest resident nature expert and Conservation Ranger.  She has some top tips to bring inspiration to help us unleash the inner poet.  Our favourite tip is:  Be inspired by your surroundings - Observe as the leaves change colour from green to red and let the beautiful burnt oranges get the creative juices flowing, what does it look like and remind you of?

It was fun to go out for an inspirational autumn walk and kick up the leaves.  We talked about what we could see and what things we did in the autumn months and let our surroundings inspire us.  Kizzy is a very poetic soul and we brainstormed and talked about similes, metaphors, rhyming couplets and the imagery of Autumn, inspiring each other further.  I love hearing her ideas and working with her on something creative.  Especially when we get to scrunch through the fallen leaves at the same time.

Autumn Fun


Low sun shining in the morning skies
Its orange glow dazzling our eyes,
As our warm breath mists the cold air
And coats are zipped with a mother's care.
Keeping the cooler air at bay
On the school run or out at play.

The roads are lined with litter bug trees 
Mindlessly dropping their unwanted leaves
Leaving them to fall and tumble 
Autumnal acrobats, nature's jumble.
Reds, brown and yellow - a tapestry,
Of Autumn's colours for all to see.

Summer seems so long ago,
Tomorrow holds promise of winter snow,
But here and now, each autumn day
Brings ripening fruit and golden hay,
Leaves to crunch and darkening nights,
An extra hour and Halloween frights.

Watching and wondering at seasonal changes,
The marvel of nature as the world rearranges.
Preparing itself for the coldness to come,
Whilst bringing along its own sense of fun.
A walk in the park, feeding the ducks,
Football fans cheer, all praying for luck.
Wishing on rainbows, the first frosts appear,
Another step taken through another great year.

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 November challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Whinfell Forest.


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