Thursday, 21 November 2013

Soreen - The Original Malt Loaf

Soreen, is the moist, squidgy, energy packed loaf brand, that is a must have product here Inside the Wendy House.  My husband will eat a whole loaf in one sitting if given half a chance and Kizzy just loves the stuff. As I am not a fan of dried fruit, I've always felt a bit left out of the Soreen love.  That was until the advent of the Banana Loaf and the Chocolate Loaf, which have introduced me to the joy of Soreen and let me experience the delicious, squidginess for myself.

I've been sent a hamper packed full of Soreen to try out.  It includes the individual Lunchbox Loaves, the Toastie Loaf, the Snack Pack, the original Malt Loaf, Cinnamon and Raisin Malt Loaf, Banana Loaf and of course Chocolate Loaf.


To me, Soreen is a perfect snack for the season.  It's rich, wholesome, filling and is real comfort food. Served toasted and thickly buttered or enjoyed warm with custard, Soreen will give you the energy needed to keep you going this winter.

The Lunchbox Loaves are individually wrapped portions of Soreen Malt Loaf that are perfect for Kizzy to take to school or eat on the go.  She loves it!  The Snack Pack comes sliced and buttered for a heartier snack.


The Chocolate Soreen is pretty fabulous served with a thick spreading of chocolate spread.  The squidgy, moist, densely textured loaf is peppered with chocolate chips and makes a healthy alternative to a chocolate bar.  The Banana Loaf is equally good, giving a fruity alternative for munching on.  Both are great with custard and sliced banana for a quick dessert.  The Cinnamon and Raisin Loaf has a nice touch of Christmastime's sweet spiciness making it a perfect festive snack.

malt loaf

Ian loves the Toastie Loaf, serving up ready sliced pieces of Malt Loaf, toasted and buttered.  It's convenient to have the loaf ready cut, as unless you use a very sharp, carving knife you can end up with squashed slices that won't fit in the toaster!

We used the Soreen Chocolate Loaf in a little festive snack recipe.  Freddy loves making Fairy Bread which is a buttered slice of bread topped with Hundreds and Thousands.  So we used that idea to make Festive Fairy Bread.  The kids can help to make it and it's a tasty after school treat.

We topped a slice of Chocolate Soreen with chocolate and hazelnut spread and then sprinkled over Christmas tree and holly berry sprinkles.  It looks pretty and tastes yummy!  


The Soreen range really is versatile and can be enjoyed at home or on the go.  It's fun to put a festive spin on serving ideas and enjoy Soreen over the Christmas holidays.  It's worth having a few loaves in the storecupboard for impromptu snacking or quick puddings or to serve to unexpected guests!


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