Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Win Horrible Histories Battle Packs

I remember 20 years ago when my eldest son first got into Horrible Histories, the books that made learning about history a lot more fun.  Since then, the Horrible Histories brand has grown from strength to strength, even getting its own stage and TV shows. Kids love the unique take on history with all the nasty bits left in, as it captures their imagination and gives them a realistic vision of past civilisations.

Horrible Histories is now taking the exciting step into the toy market with its Ultimate Battle Toys by world's Apart, where you can recreate history's ultimate battle for yourself.  You can collect figures to make an army under the Egyptians or the Romans, adding heroes from throughout history, who are arranged in your battle arena (or any clear space). Using the catapult, you get to fire pigs at your opposition - yes, they really did use pigs as ammunition! When soldiers fall, you win Groats and get to place fallen soldiers' heads on your scoring spikes to show your score.  The player with the most spoils of war at the end of the game wins. The website features the rotten rule book and lots of tips for battle so you can become a real expert.


The game can be as complex as you want it to be, utilizing the additional game cards and devising strategies to beat the enemy.  But younger players will simply enjoy flinging pigs and knocking down the opposition's army (it reminds me a little bit of a cross between Angry Birds and Dungeons and Dragons!)

The play pieces are fabulous and come with a different coloured base, depending on their worth,  as well as removable armour and weapons. The Starter Sets come with a loathsome leader, 2 peasants, 2 soldiers, scoring spikes, 3 flying pigs and a catapult.

Horrible Histories Toys

Battle Packs come with a warrior from history (such as Genghis Khan, Boudica, Blackbeard and the Highwayman), 4 peasants, 2 soldiers, 2 game cards and 2 flying pigs.  So you can quickly build an army ready to battle.  Each character is worth a different number of Groats according to his role.  Special Sets, Heroes and blind bags are also available to purchase separately.  Prices start at just £1.49, with the Starter Set retailing at £14.99. The sets come with a money back guarantee!

They are a fabulous idea for children who are interested in history, strategy games and collectables.

Find out more at Horrible Histories Toys and buy the HH toys at Argos, Smyth's, Amazon, John Lewis, Toys R Us and The Entertainer.

I have a Horrible Histories Starter Set and a Battle Pack to give away to one lucky reader!

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