Thursday, 7 November 2013

Top Developmental Toys for Christmas

When choosing toys for children, it is important to get something that is age and ability appropriate, this is particularly important when the recipient is a child with special needs to ensure that the gift is right for their development.  Buying the perfect toy doesn't necessarily mean getting a toy that has been specially adapted nor does it need to cost a fortune.  In fact, there are some great developmental toys available from toy retailers, as long as you know what sort of toys are appropriate to suit a child's individual needs.

Choose toys that encourage a child’s development: ones that help children to work on their language skills, cognition, co-ordination or motor function.  Here are some ideas for toys that help children to do just this.

For Hand to Eye Co-ordination

Chunky toys, such as the Little People House and Farm  would be fabulous for developing co-ordination, while also helping language skills and imagination. Hand to eye co-ordination can be developed by grasping the figures and making them interact with the playset.  Playing together will help your child to think creatively, plus it's a lot of fun for both parent and child!

Fisher Price

For Speech and Communication

Any toy that encourages speech and communication is perfect for a child who has language delays. Choose a toy that sings or talks. Cuddly toys that sing and which speak repeated phrases make an ideal, if noisy, gift.


For Fine Motor Skills

Shape sorters, chunky building blocks and musical instruments are excellent, not only for helping to develop fine motor skills but to also improve visualisation, the understanding of cause and effect and concentration.

For Gross Motor Skills

Toys that can help with movement can help with gross motor function.  Ride-on cars, rocking horses or space hoppers can help with balance and muscle strength, helping to build confidence and control – as well as being great fun!

For Cognition

There are plenty of tablets and child-friendly apps available across the various platforms that can help a child of any age to improve their cognition and learning development. Children really enjoy exploring technology and apps are a great way to introduce them to a variety of subjects in a fun way.

With Christmas fast approaching, it's the perfect time to buy something perfect for the children in your life!

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