Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Do You Believe in Fairies? - Meet the Flying Fairy by Flutterbye

This Christmas, the Argos Gift Guide has an exciting new feature; BlippAR technology to showcase some of its top products such as the Flutterbye Flying Fairy and Furby.  For the first time, it contains blipp-able images, which are brought to life using the BlippAR app on your smartphone.  Simply by viewing the page through your phone, you can see some of this year's most wanted gift ideas in all their glory, using augmented reality, so you can find out more about the things you want before you commit to buy.  You can watch demos, get a moveable 3D image or buy direct through the app.  Plus there is a competition, games and other fun interactive activities accessed through the BlippAR app.  Pick up a copy of their gift guide in store, download the free app and join in the festive fun!


One of this year's predicted top toys for Christmas, and one that is showcased using the BlippAR app, is the Flying Fairy from Flutterbye.  We were sent a Flying Fairy from Argos for Kizzy to try out.  The pretty fairy comes with a charging station (which takes 6 AA batteries) and is charged up via a small cable ready for launching.  


When the button on the front is pressed, the Flying Fairy's skirt and wings spin round causing her to take off and fly.  It is very impressive to see her flying around the room.  You can bring her in to land by pressing the button on the charger and catching her by the legs.  

flying fairy

Controlling your fairy does take a little getting used to.  She can sometimes be a little erratic and you may find yourself chasing her around trying to get your hand underneath her to guide her.  She is a little noisy when she flies, as her skirt whirrs around at great speed.  She may even crash now and then if you don't catch her mid-flight.  But, she is massively entertaining and a whole lot of fun.  The novelty value of having a fairy toy that genuinely flies is huge and playing with her is quite addictive...even for the grown-ups!  

Flying Fairy

I can see the Flying Fairy providing a great deal of fun this Christmas.  We found that the fairy, once charged,  had a good amount of fly time and actually became easier to control with each flight.  (She is a bit frisky on her first, fully charged flight so be ready in case she shoots straight up to the ceiling!)  Younger children would benefit from some adult supervision as they get to grips with the toy.  It is important that the skirt and wings are aligned and that there is no draught which will affect the flight.  Controlling the flight is part of the fun, and if done properly is very impressive.  It is an enchanting toy that will be enjoyed and will bring a lot of fun to kids this Christmas.  It is a real novelty toy with the added bonus that it will look lovely displayed on a shelf when not in use, as the charger doubles up as an attractive stand for the doll.

Argos have the Flying Fairy toys for £29.99 (at the time of publishing this post): Flying Fairy at Argos!

Take a look at Kizzy's vlog including a demo of the BlippAR and a demo of how to use the Flying Fairy.



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