Friday, 1 November 2013

Roomii Monsters Review - Functional and Fun

Play, Pull, Store and Ride with Roomii

Freddy was quite delighted to receive an award winning Roomii Monster toy.  This high quality, stylish, contemporary, multi-functional product gives little ones an omni-directional ride-on toy, a pull along monster pal, an imaginative toy to inspire adventurous play and a handy toy storage solution all in one. It looks good, is functional and fun!

The Roomii needs minimal assembly.  The ears/handles screw on and are tightened using the allen key which is included in the box.  It can also be used to tighten the screw on the hinge which makes the lid drop slowly, keeping little fingers safe.

The Roomi comes in a range of colours and Freddy was very pleased to receive one that was his favourite colour - blue.  The design is very quirky with its gaping mouth filled with soft rubber teeth, ready to gobble up toys and encourage children to be tidy.  The wheels allow the Roomii to move in any direction allowing kids to ride around or pull along their toy with ease. The Roomii is a perfect toy to encourage imaginative play, as children embark on imaginary adventures with their new best friend.

The toy is made of durable, robust materials and feels very strong and sturdy.  It is also very stable. It is very innovative and unique and Freddy was instantly taken with it.  It is good to see a child's toy with inbuilt functionality and which fuels a child's imagination at  the same time.  

The Roomii is a great solution for storing some favourite toys inside, keeping floors clear, tidy and safe.  It looks great in a child's bedroom and is ready to be pulled along or ridden on when it's time to play.  Freddy handpicked some of his favourite toys to keep safely in his Roomii.  Some went in through the mouth, others were placed directly inside the hinged body.  Freddy was very pleased with himself having his treasures safely at hand and transportable in his Roomii.

Roomii Monsters are a great introduction to the concept of 'tidying up' and can be used as a resource for parents to encourage little ones to pick up after themselves.  If a job is's much likelier that a child will want to get involved and help, learning a valuable lesson in tidiness the process! 

toy storage

  • 360 degree omniwheels providing a maximum of mobility
  • Cool looking pulling strap matching the colour of the toy
  • High quality materials providing a long lasting experience
  • Soft rubber teeth
  • Adjustable slow closing lid
  • EN71 certified to British and European safety standards
  • Suitable for children aged 3 and over
  • Holds a maximum weight of 26kg (57lbs)
  • Dimensions: 576mm x 376mm x 234mm

Roomii Monsters can be found online at and Facebook.  You can purchase them directly from the website priced at £69.99 with free UK delivery.

Great idea for Christmas!


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