Friday, 22 November 2013

Doodlemats - Get the Kids Writing!

If your kids are anything like mine, they love to doodle.  I am forever finding pieces of paper lying around that have been scribbled over or drawn on.  Sometimes my printer ends up empty because little people have pinched the sheets of A4 to doodle on!  So when I heard of Doodlemats, I thought they would be a great idea to keep the kids entertained while keeping the paper in my printer!

Doodlemats are one of the lovely items on the Milly Green website that is filled with products befitting the tagline 'timeless designs for children to treasure'.  It is a large cork backed, wipe clean melamine white board that comes with a dry wipe pen in a pen clip.  The Doodlemats come in twelve imagination inspiring designs from minibeasts to pirates to the jungle to outer space.  The illustrations are quirky and cute with real attention to detail.  Doodlemats come in two sizes, standard and large.

Milly Green

Freddy was sent a Space design Doodlemat in large, which is about A3 size. I loved the design which featured a bright red rocket with some space travelling wild animals in it.   A border of colourful planets goes around the outer edge.  The Doodlemat is 5mm thick and very sturdy (like a heavy duty cork backed placemat) with a high quality finish.


The white board pen is included and comes with a stick on grip which you can attach to the board.  It writes on the board really well and rubs off cleanly.  The shiny surface comes up really clean with minimum effort and leaves no residue.


The Doodlemat is an ideal gift for pre-schoolers who are interested in early mark making to new writers who will be keen to practice their letters and numbers to older kids who can use it to help make notes for their homework, practice maths or simply doodle.  The Doodlemat is so much more fun than a plain whiteboard.  The design inspires imagination and the wipe clean surface gives children the freedom to write and draw with no limits. The cork back makes them perfect for using on any surface including little laps, and the tough melamine surface means the Doodlemat could double up as a surface for doing arts and crafts activities.

The small Doodlemats are £10.50 and the large Doodlemats are £16.50, which makes them ideally priced as a thoughtful Christmas present for children or grandchildren.

Find out more about Doodlemats on the Milly Green website.

Use the code: Inside the Wendy House for a 20% discount.


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