Saturday, 23 November 2013

What Fred Said About Pins and Needles and Tablets

Like most of us, Freddy is succumbing to the winter germs and has come down with a bit of a cold.  He has a good way of explaining his symptoms!

Freddy: I have a sniffy nose and a sniffy mouth.
Me: What's a sniffy mouth?
Freddy: It's when your lips go all dry and lumpy and you have to lick them.


He had a conversation with his dad at bedtime:

Freddy: I don't understand about these peas and needles.
Ian: I think you mean pins and needles.
Freddy (slightly agitated) : But what about the peas?


Freddy got a bit peckish at suppertime:

"Mum, can I have tasty treat in bed?"  He thought really hard before adding with growing enthusiasm: "Like tomato soup, or porridge or a banana!!"  (How nice to hear that the things he considers as 'treats' are all so healthy!)


This morning I woke up with a rotten headache and said that I needed a tablet before I could get out of bed. Freddy ran off and some moments later returned with his Innotab.  "You can have my tablet mummy!"


Freddy was making up songs and singing them to us.  My favourite lyric was most definitely:

"Everybody says the X Ray shows your bones at the doctors!"


Freddy is enjoying his new friendships at school and one very, lovely little lady in Reception has decided that she wants to marry him.  I was talking to Freddy about how cute that was when he suddenly gasped and said:

"Oh no, I've just remembered that I was going to get married to Snow White instead!"

He also has forged a really close friendship with a really sweet little lad in his class and I was delighted to hear Freddy tell me that he had told him he was his "number one mate!"   

I couldn't be happier with my decision to send him to the little rural school and not the big school in town. He is doing so well, bless him.


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