Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pacific Rim Film Review

If you are a fan of giant monsters fighting giant robots in a sci-fi blockbuster (imagine Godzilla fighting a Transformer) then Pacific Rim is definitely the film for you!  When alien/reptilian creatures, the Kaiju, rise from a portal in the ocean and attack the world, the human race fights back using huge robots called Jaegars which are controlled by pilots who merge their minds with the machines in the 'drift'.  The pilots are heralded as heroes as they battle the monsters in the ultimate war, but the Kaiju are just too powerful and relentless an enemy.

With the humans heading for defeat, the future of the world lies in the hands of a disillusioned ex-pilot Charlie who is brought back to his role following the death of his brother, and a young female trainee Mori who lost her parents to the Kaiju as a child.

Pacific Rim

But it's not all just impressive fight scenes (although 80% of the film really is given over to the amazing special effects of Kaiju vs Jaegar). The backflash scene of Mori's childhood was actually really moving and well done, as it unlocks the relationship between her and the commander played by Idris Elba.  Comic relief is provided by a pair of nerdy scientists (one of whom is Torchwood's Burn Gorman) who play it for laughs as they attempt to connect with the Kaiju in the drift. 

But the real beauty of this film is the thrill ride that is the raging war of monster against man with its mind blowing action scenes and seamless special effects.  It is edge of your seat stuff that transports you to the excitement of the epic monster movies from your childhood.  Pure escapism!

The sound and picture quality of the Blu-Ray is amazing and packs a real punch!  Guillermo del Toro directs this film with passion, flair and a sense of humour, appealing to the wide eyed child inside us all.

We really enjoyed it...all 131 minutes of action and excitement.  It's a big, loud film that you can't help but enjoy. Forget realism, forget complex plotlines and forget Oscar winning acting.  Just immerse yourself into the action and let the battle commence.

Pacific Rim is out on November 11th and is available from Amazon and other good DVD/Blu-ray stockists.

A great Christmas present for the sci-fi fan in your life!!

We received a disc to review for this post.


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