Saturday, 30 November 2013

What Fred Said About Kizzy's Nose Bleed

Today Kizzy had three rather dramatic nose bleeds.  Freddy's reaction to his sister pouring blood from her nostrils was actually hilarious.  Here are some of the gems he came out with between his ughs and oohs of revulsion.

"Kizzy, Kizzy you look like a zombie with blood all over your face."

"I had a nose bleed once but it came from a cut on the middle of my nose and not down the nose holes."

"You need one of those things that keeps blood out of your pants on your nose!"  (Yes, it seems he knows all about Always Ultra!)

"If all your blood keeps coming out you will be as flat as a pie with no blood in you."

"I think it was quite bad and I don't ever want to do that in my world."

"I think a snake bited her up her nose!"

"I won't help you because it's too bad and I'll get blood all over my clothes and I'll cry."


Other than this my other favourite thing Freddy said this week was after he tripped up and fell over with a big bang.  He jumped up and said:

"It's OK I landed on my bum not my head!!"


This week Freddy won Star Pupil for trying really hard in phonics.  He is starting to read words and shows so much interest in letters and sounds.  It's lovely to see my little boy, who had literally zero interest in reading or writing, suddenly getting all excited by his phonemes and digraphs!!

star pupil

Said it Saturday


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