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SodaStream Cocktails for the Festive Season and Saturday Nights In!

It’s time to get ready for the festive season with SodaStream. Whether you’re throwing an office party, having pre-Christmas drinks or just enjoying a "Saturday Night In", these quick, easy and refreshing bubbly cocktail recipes will be a hit.

Using just a SodaStream, some key ingredients and a dash of imagination you can easily recreate your favourite cocktail bar at home; a fun way to get friends and family together.

Spicy, fruity, zesty, refreshing or comforting – with Sodastream there’s something for everyone. Guests can even get creative and make their own bubbly drinks, experimenting with different flavours and tastes. 

Cocktail Recipes

* All recipes are fitted to 35 cl highball glass
* Method: shake, strain over ice, top up

Dutch & Bubbly

Set the mood and welcome your guests with a delicious aperitif to stimulate the appetite with a Dutch & Bubbly.

30ml                  Vodka
10ml                  Apricot brandy
10ml                  Fresh lime juice
20ml                  Ginger syrup

To finish top up with extra fizzy SodaStream Passion fruit & Mango soda.
Garnish: lemon peel and half a passion fruit

Mint & Red Berry Fizz

The Mint & Red Berry Fizz is made with Gin, the come-back spirit, and creates the perfect festive SodaStream cocktail for those with a more fruity-pallet

40ml                    Gin
20ml                    Lime juice
20ml                    Raspberry puree
20ml                    Sugar syrup

To finish top up with extra fizzy SodaStream Cranberry & Raspberry soda.
Garnish: mint sprig

Coffee Cooler

Take five and enjoy a Coffee Cooler; the ultimate liquid luxury pick-me-up.

40ml                  Whisky
20ml                  Kahlua

To finish top up with extra fizzy SodaStream sparkling water.
Garnish: grapefruit peel and coffee beans

Sodastream are currently the official sponsors of Saturday Night In with the fabulous Rylan giving us a recipe for his own delicious and fruity cocktail!  Staurday Nights In are perfect at this time of year when the weather is getting colder, the nights are darker and money is tighter.  With a bit of imagination you can enjoy a wonderful weekend with friends and family and a bit of extra fizz!!

Rylan's Passiontini

30ml Vodka
25ml fresh lime juice
15ml Vanilla Syrup
50ml passionfruit juice

To finish top up with 100ml Sodastream Ginger Ale Soda
Garnish:  passionfruit wedge


Holly Days

How about this ultimate refreshing festive tipple?  Make a pitcher for sharing among guests!

700ml chilled white wine
1 litre Sodastream Cranberry and Raspberry
125ml Grand Marnier
fresh raspberries

Put into a pitcher with ice and stir.  Pour into glasses and garnish with a sprig of mint.


Children can get in on the act too making some lovely mocktails which are fun, fruity and will make the kids feel very grown up and sophisticated!  These will also make great drinks for the non-drinkers in a group.

Tropical Sunrise

Sodastream Apple Soda
Passionfruit syrup
Sodastream Ginger Ale

Simply mix together and serve with ice.

Cranberry Fever

Sodastream Lemonade
Passionfruit syrup
Cranberry Juice
Sodastream Sparkling Water

Simply mix together and serve with ice.

Strawberry Delight

Sodastream Apple Soda
Banana Juice
Crushed fresh Strawberries

Simply mix together and serve with ice.

Top Tips

1.           Make sure you use ice-cold water when carbonating with your SodaStream and serve your festive cocktails over fresh ice cubes; this will significantly enhance the refreshing taste of your cocktails! (For cocktail parties allow ½ kg of ice per guest)

2.           Chill your glasses – not just to create an aesthetic Christmas ‘frost’ appearance but to also keep your drinks cooler-for-longer. Pop them in your freezer for 10-15 minutes or if you don't have space, fill with ice until chilled.

3.           Get the most out of your limes – by placing them under warm water and massaging them for a couple seconds before slicing and squeezing!

4.           Shake to the beat of your favourite festive tune – place 5-6 ice cubes per drink in a shaker. Shake vigorously on a slow count for 10 seconds and stop when the frost appears on the cocktail shaker.

5.           Don't overlook the garnish! Whether you are entertaining for an intimate evening at home or festive party make the drinks look as appetizing as they taste; presentation is key and actually enhances the flavours.

Sodastream want  to know what your Saturday Night In looks like would love you to Tweet them a photo using the hashtag #sodasaturday.


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