Friday, 29 November 2013

What Christmas Means To Me

My daughter Megan has done me the honour of writing a post for me to publish here on my blog, about what this Christmas means to her.  After reading it, I'm feeling ready to rise to the challenge and help make this year the best Christmas ever!

"Christmas was always super exciting as a kid, for all of the obvious reasons. Santa, presents, more chocolate than you could manage to stuff into your ever- filling belly and those smoked cheeses in a log shape which for some reason became a Christmas family tradition. But as I’ve gotten older, the prospect of Christmas has only excited me more. I get at least a full week off work and I get to spend it having some real quality family time. Although many things have changed this year, including the fact that I will no longer be welcoming smoked cheese logs or Ferrero Rocher into my festive diet due to my new found Veganism, I already know the great feeling I’ll get waving goodbye to rainy Manchester and razzing my little old Peugeot down the M6, singing at the top of my voice to Mariah and WHAM!

One of the things I love most about Christmas in the McDonald household is that every year is different and every year is somehow just that little bit better than the last. I’ve loved going away for Christmas and I’ve also loved being at home. This year will no doubt be the biggest and best one yet, with four generations all under one roof in the comfort of the McDonald home!

The biggest challenge this year will be the food. From meat eating older brother Joe to Vegan me, it was going to make for an interesting take on the traditional Christmas dinner. But, with mum being super supportive with my quest to battle my health problems and ditch the dairy, she’s suggested a Vegan Christmas all round. And I couldn’t be happier. Instead of feeling glum because of all the things I can’t have this Christmas, I have felt really inspired to embrace the new things that I can have. I’ve been on a food and recipe finding mission to ensure we can indulge on the big day. Who knew how delicious dairy free ice cream and chocolate could be?! I’m looking at you Swedish Glace and Booja Booja!

I simply cannot wait for the big day when Santa rocks down the chimney and I get to, once again, have the best Christmas I’ve ever had with my hilarious family. No pressure Mum!"

This is a guest post written by Megan, part of a series of seasonal guest posts I will be featuring over the next few weeks :)


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