Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Living In The Eighties

I haven't contributed to The Gallery for a while, but as the theme is the 80's this week, how could I not join in?  My teenage years spanned the 80's and the fondness I have for the era is deep and oozing with rose tinted nostalgia.  I met and dated the man I was to end up marrying, I gave birth to my first born son and got my first Saturday job earning £6 a week in this decade.  The music was either really cool or incredibly dire depending on your perspective whereas the fashion was on a whole just awful.  I drank lager by the half which cost 45p (in a pub I was 4 years too young to patronise).  I went clubbing and took turns with my best friend to 'pull' a bloke in order to get a lift home for free (generally in a Ford Capri).  I wore blue eyeliner and blue mascara and thought it looked good. I smoked Dunhill Menthol on the night club dance floor risking spontaneous combustion from igniting my hairspray laden, backcombed hair.  I committed many a fashion faux pas in the name of popular culture.  I wore studded belts and matching studded neck collars. I had six holes in my ears and filled them with dangly ear-rings from the market (and so began my metal allergy!)  I had coloured fishnet tights, red stillettos that made me 6' 2" tall and bleached jeans that I made myself by squirting them with Domestos.  Good times!

Here are some pictures of me donning my best eighties attire and giving it some teen attitude in these photos.

eighties, leg warmers

Leg warmers, court shoes and ankle socks...good look!


I used to love that jacket with my CND badge on the lapel.  I also had a mandatory shaggy perm at this time.  Again I have the sock/shoe combo!  What was I thinking??

1980. teen, fashion, PVC

The PVC mini skirt and scarf look was a staple wardrobe option for me in the 80's.  Here I have my 'Muscle' T-Shirt on, but it could just as easily have been my 'Boy Toy' one as Madonna was a bit of an icon for me at this time.

I only wish I had photographic evidence of my orange jump dress or my PVC trousers and jacket or my purple sparkly scarf I used to wear as a belt.  Such memories!


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