Thursday, 8 November 2012

Moshi Monsters Cartoon Stripz

If you have a little budding film maker in your house, they will love Cartoon Stripz, the new product that allows children to create and bring to life stories using characters and scenery featuring their favourite cartoons.  

We were sent some Moshi Monsters Cartoon Stripz to try out.  The flat plastic characters twist off from the plastic surround and click into bases.  They can be positioned onto the backgrounds to make a scene.  The characters can walk through the colourful dioramas acting out elaborate stories.  They are a great medium for children to use their imagination.

Moshi Monsters

I really like the idea of the Cartoon Stripz.  Children can use a camcorder, phone or use stop frame photography to make their own films of the Moshi Monsters in Monstro City.  The plastic characters stand up well on their bases.  The thin card background dioramas are a little flimsy but can be reinforced with tape or lent against something to make them sturdier.  Extra backgrounds can be downloaded and printed out from the website.  

moshi monsters, cartoon stripz

Excitingly, if your child creates a Cartoon Stripz film they can enter a brilliant competition to win some fabulous prizes every month between now and March.  Prizes include an Ipod Nano, a  3DS and £75 Toys R Us vouchers.

You can buy Cartoon Stripz from Next, Toys R Us and Hamleys.  There are a variety of sets featuring a Moshi house, Moshi Main Street and Moshlings.  They come in small, medium and large packs.  The medium and large packs contain backgrounds that can be joined together to create bigger play scenes.  Small sets are £1.49 RRP, medium sets are £2.49 RRP and large sets are £3.99 RRP.

See for more information and details of the competition.


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