Friday, 9 November 2012

Novi Stars Land On Earth

What On Earth Is Going On?

A new breed of cosmic doll have landed on Earth.  The Novi Stars are fun and funky and ready to party.  They want to make new friends and update fashion trends!  We were sent Ari Roma, a fruity bubble gum scented, curly purple haired space doll complete with a bubble helmet and her pet O2.  With a mission to "kiss an Earth boy" (yes really!) and a self-proclaimed "airhead", Ari is the bubbly and caring member of the gang with an airy and romantic dress style.  She isn't a rocket scientist by any one's standards, but she is cute, flirty and quirky, which seems to be highly regarded in the Novi Stars gang. The other girls in the gang are Mae Tallic, Una Verse and Alie Lectric, each with their own skills and missions.

ari roma, dolls

As a mum to a tween who still loves all things sparkly and pink, I was happy to give Kizzy the Novi Star Ari Roma doll to try out.  It came looking beautifully packaged although there was a lot of plastic used.  The handle does double up as a celestial headband for the child which is nice.  It is almost a shame removing her from her box as the presentation is very appealing. 

Unfortunately in battling the excessively taped packaging I pulled poor Ari's arm off!  I managed to re-attach it but it has remained loose.

Novi stars, mga entertainment

Once she was freed from her plastic prison the scent of bubblegum was very evident.  Ari has amazing pink and purple curly hair, silver antennae and an inverted heart shaped bubble helmet.  She is sparkly and pink with  a futuristic plastic mini-dress and purple wedge shoes.  I love her face.  Her eyes have huge glittery eyelashes that Lady Gaga would be proud of.  She is really lovely to look at with the great detail in her design.

Ari comes with a glow in the dark stand and her own little pet, O2.  O2 is a cute little, girlie creature with pigtails and star eyes who comes in her own bubble helmet. Freddy was rather taken with the little pet. 

Ari Roma, space, alien

I feel that Ari is more of a collectible doll to stand on a shelf and admire than a doll to be over played with.  She is beautiful but not very robust.  When Freddy got his hands on her she was headless and armless within a minute.  Definitely one for older girls who will treat her with respect and probably not want to indulge in too much actual playtime.  In fact the dolls are recommended for ages 6 and up, so don't be tempted to buy one for a younger child, however cute they look.

Kizzy loved the space-inspired look of the doll and the bubblegum scent.  She thought it was very cute that she comes with a pet.  Ari is now displayed on a shelf in Kizzy's bedroom where she is admired (and kept out of Freddy's reach!!)

My Opinion: Overall, I can see Novi Stars being a huge hit with the tween market.  They look great, they are quite unique,  they have an interesting back story and are marketed well.  Their skimpy fashions and boy obsessed attitudes may offend some parents, but older girls will love them.  They make lovely collectibles, but are quite fragile to be used as a plaything for a younger child.

RRP £19.99 from good stockists such as Amazon.


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