Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Perfect Christmas Outfits From Next

I have that festive feeling bubbling in my belly!  Our choccie advent calendars are on standby ready to count down the days until Christmas Day.  The chill in the air teases us with the prospect of snow.  The Christmas adverts are taking over the TV.  And Next have their Christmas collection on line!

When Northern Mum asked us to show her our dream family day Christmas wardrobes, I was happy to pour through pages of sparkly, glittery party wear and funky, woolly Christmas jumpers to find outfits for Ian, the three littlest, my baby grandson (due on December 18th!) and myself.  Oh to win the £500 prize and make my fantasy shopping a reality (otherwise we will be donning our novelty, velvet Mr and Mrs Santa outfits for another year!)

Ian's Christmas Outfit

The whole James Bond vibe of the recent months has given me a slight fetish for men in sharp suits and there isn't much sharper than this white tuxedo jacket.  With hints of Michael Buble and John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, it reeks of  rampant exhibitionism and frivolous fun.  The patent wing cap shoes would keep him looking sharp right  down to his size 12 feet.  I'd like to share my Christmas day with my husband infused with the magical confidence that will overtake him because of this tuxedo!  To keep him grounded and to remind me that my novelty T-shirt wearing hubby is still somewhere inside that flamboyant get-up,  I'm teaming it with novelty festive fairisle socks (and probably his novelty red velvet Santa boxer shorts too).  I'd also need to give him a bib so he doesn't dribble gravy down his front, because white tux's are unforgiving when it comes to food spills.

Ella's Christmas Outfit

My trendy teenager would absolutely love to dazzle in this sequinned, snowflake jumper.  As it's long, she'd probably call it a dress and team it with nothing more than a pair of woolly tights. But just in case she was feeling modest, I've included a pair of skinny party jeans with just a little added sparkle..  The wedge  boots are really gorgeous.  The hidden 8cm heel will add a couple of inches onto her height, which will be much appreciated by Ella as she is very dinky.  The absolutely awesome Reindeer Onesie would be the snuggliest, cosiest outfit to relax in, whilst sleeping off the excess of Celebrations and candy canes.

Kizzy's Christmas Outfit

Kizzy's Christmas Outfit by wendymcd83 

I adore this outfit for my ten year old Kizzy.  It's funky, fashionable and fun.  It's got attitude, just like my tween.  The black hi-top boots are practical but the patent shine gives them a feminine edge.  They look so comfy too!  I adore the winter shorts and tights combo.  Sadly I don't think I could pull this look off as a 40 something housewife, but I think it is a great fashion statement for the young generation.  The sequin tie top has just the right amount of sparkle to combine festively feminine with edgy.

My Christmas Outfit

My Christmas Outfit by wendymcd83 

My fantasy outfit would be enhanced if Santa could deliver a miracle weight loss potion to me in time for Christmas day.  Failing that, the rather stylish bodyshaper will be excellent for sucking in my wobbly bits, holding up my boobs and cinching in my waist.  Hopefully it will cope with the strain as the Christmas dinner feasting puts it under extra pressure.  I adore the embellished tunic dress and the lace shoots (shoe boots...get it!) are incredible. (Would my bunions squeeze in?  To right! Even if it took a crow bar I'd get my feet into these pretty, girls' shoes!)  I don't ordinarily wear much jewellery, but the bracelet watch is a lovely piece that not only looks gorgeous, it also helps you time your Brussel Sprouts as they boil on the hob.  Very handy!

My Christmas Outfit

I love dressing Freddy!  My little dude looks so cute all dressed up on special occasions.   The mandatory festive jumpers are a definite must have for a three year old.  I've picked out two, a Snowman design and a Reindeer design,  because he is guaranteed to spill dinner, chocolate and fizzy pop at various points during the day.  The jeans are well cut and look cool and will cope with a day of crawling around on the floor getting presents from under the tree and then playing with all his new toys in the middle of the floor while us grown-ups watch a Christmas day edition of Surprise Surprise!  The trapper hat and boots will be excellent if any of his presents require being outside, keeping both toes and head warm and toastie.

Ted's Christmas Outfit

Ted's Christmas Outfit by wendymcd83 

Hopefully by Christmas I will be blessed with the title of Grandma to my baby grandson Ted.  If not, that means he is overdue and needs to be induced after Christmas day, meaning that all his newborn sized "Baby's First Christmas" romper suits will have been purchased in vain!  Plus his mum, my future daughter-in-law Jade,  will be extremely fed up making us all feel bad for her!  So fingers crossed for Ted's timely arrival!  I have picked out an outfit for Ted based on the desire for him to come on time in the week before Christmas day.  Being called Ted, I couldn't fail to fall in love with the aaron cardigan with teddy bear ears!  Awww!  The fairisle romper suit and two piece outfit are so stylish...real baby chic.  The matching I Heart Santa bib will be ready to mop milky spit ups.  But the 'piece de resistance' is the Christmas Pudding bobble hat.  All this baby cuteness is making me feel very grand-maternal indeed and looking forward to a festive cuddle with my son Joe's firstborn.

I have spent a fair few virtual pounds putting together these gorgeous Christmas Day outfits and I have loved every minute of it.  There are definitely a few key pieces that are now on my Christmas shopping list.  The Next range of Christmas clothing, accessories and gifts is really lovely to peruse...there are so many fabulous things.

Take a look at for some inspiration this Christmas.

Check out outfits and inspiration on my Pinterest Board and my Polyvore account where full details of the items in my outfits can be found.

And because I'm now feeling all festive, here is a Christmas photo of me and my kids!

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