Thursday, 22 November 2012

Snowmen Film Review

Out now on DVD from Arrow Films, Snowmen is the heart-warming coming of age drama starring Ray Liotta and Christopher Lloyd.  The film focuses on three unlikely young heroes and a winter that changes their lives when they decide to try to break a Guiness World Record.  They battle bullies and unite the community in their endeavours to do something that they will be remembered for.

The themes in this movie include death, illness and bullying, so it is in parts a very emotional watch.  However, the over-riding theme is that of friendship and the fact that true friendships will endure through thick and thin and that everyone counts.  My girls and I sat down to watch the review copy that we were sent, not knowing the storyline and we were gripped from the start.  We all cried during certain scenes and shouted at the TV in outrage during others.  It really did suck us in to the emotions of the film.

family film

This film is half sweet and sentimental and half very sad and distressing.  The values and lessons portrayed in this film remind us that living a good life and being the best we can be is what really matters in this life.  The young lead portrays Billy, the troubled boy who wants to leave his mark, beautifully.  The friendship between him and his friends is heartwarming and the end scenes are infused with real feel good stuff!  There are some funny moments and some very distressing scenes.  Together this blend of content makes this a really enjoyable film (although possibly not for very young children thus the PG certificate.)  I highly recommend this for a life-affirming family movie that will definitely move you!

Snowmen is out now to buy from good stockists including Amazon where it is currently just £7!  It will make a great stocking filler or make a fab festive family film night.


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